Looking to Sign a Year Long Lease/other potential roommates to sign a lease with

Posted on: Jul 26 by John Chung

Hey All,

I'm planning to move to NYC in early September, and work for a big law firm in NYC in professional development. My budget would be around 800-1100 per month (accounting for split rent ofc). A little more info about myself: I'm currently in my young to mid-20s, hobbies include music production, racquet sports, watching basketball, going to concerts, watching shows/TV, and gaming (jack of all trades I know). What I'm looking for in roommates: I'm pretty easy-going myself so I don't really care if you like to drink/smoke (though I personally wouldn't appreciate it if you smoked in the apartment). I personally do not consume alcohol on a regular basis (socially only) and do not smoke. I just expect you to clean up after yourself when using the common area. If interested, please contact me at johnchung907@gmail.com.

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