Looking for CF roommate in Brooklyn

Posted on: Aug 04 by Lily

Hi! I am an Asian-American CF in my mid-20s, looking for a Brooklyn 2 Bed/2 bath apt to move into with another CF in a similar stage of life. Looking for preferably a 1 year lease with a 10/1 start date. I'm open to Bed-Stuy, Clinton Hill, or Downtown Brooklyn. My budget is $2000 max/month.

More about me:
- Queens native! I'm currently based in the Bay Area, but will be moving back to NYC.
- I work in HR within a major tech company. I will be working in a hybrid model, 3 days in the office and 2 days at home on a weekly basis.
- Absolute total foodie and love traveling :)
- Ambivert and am very neat/organized and communicative. I enjoy social settings when I'm outside of the house but mostly keep to myself when I'm at home.

My prayer is to be able to find another CF I can really be friends with. If you're interested, please reach out!

Tags: Housing