CF Looking for Room in UES/ UWS/ lower Manhattan UNDER $900!

Posted on: Sep 29 by Lydia

Hi all! I am a Christian female student going to Hunter College currently. I am in search of a room to rent that will allow me to commute easily to school. I would love to be anywhere on the Eastside, but would be open to being on the West side if it is an easy bus ride across the park to the UES.

I would prefer a furnished room. I am willing to share a room if the price is lower. I am open to living with a family or couple as well (I am kind and helpful and I would help with your housekeeping!!!) I am very tidy and keep a clean space.

My budget is under $900! I am open to moving in anytime in October! Please reach out if you are in search of a Christian female to rent a room in your place! Feel free to contact me at

Sending blessings!

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